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An eight-minute fail compilation. Hilarious. Enough said.

Here’s August’s Fail Compilation. You may continue laughing…

Hamburgers = Heroin? A PSA for Childhood Obesity.

You just know Americans will want to know which communist country this comes from. When the real problem here is that kid can’t colour in for shit.


Metric – ‘Stadium Love’

Bedouin Soundclash – ‘Mountain Top’

Vince Vaccaro – ‘Catch a Fire’

As if hangnails and Sarah Palin weren’t enough proof that God is a cruel prick, Greg Giraldo died today. The comic, age 44, died in a New Jersery hospital days after being hospitalized for an overdose of prescription medication. The news was first broken by Jim Norton on his Twitter feed and has been since confirmed by TMZ. If you knew him from anywhere, chances are you laughed at at least one of his awesome Comedy Central Roast performances. Very few comedians burned celebrities better than him. Peace brother.

There is a Jellyfish whose biology allows it to go from a fully mature Medusa, to its polyp stage and back again indefinitely. The Turritopsis nutricula is a small jellyfish with an ability so far unique in the animal kingdom. It is the only known jellyfish to have developed the ability to return to a polyp state. Or basically, reverse its life cycle, then grow up again. This process allows the jellyfish to bypass death. In fact, there may be no natural limit to its life span. The process is called transdifferentiation.

Psychological illusionist Derren Brown talks to the OU’s Nigel Warburton about how personal experiences can be misleading and how people attribute design to objects in the natural world.

Album of the day:

Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch accidentally names the wrong contestant as winner during a live taping of the show’s finale. Her father-in-law, media mogul, Rupert Murdoch who owns the Fox Network can’t be too pleased with her, but who cares it’s Fox. Fuck em.


Worst tatoo customer in history. Fact.

Word of the day: Persnippety.

DC Shoes CBO and professional rally racer Ken Block continues to spit down the neck of Newtonian mechanics with reckless abandon. “Shot just south of Paris, France in Linas at l’Autodrome de Linas —Montlhéry, this 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, which is more than double the standard incline of most NASCAR ovals. Chosen by Ken for this specific reason, the ramp-like banking proved to be a unique and exciting challenge. The driving physics for the stunts performed were totally unknown until Ken attempted the maneuvers during filming.

“Surgeons are pioneering a method of inducing extreme hypothermia in trauma patients so that their bodies shut down entirely during major surgery, giving doctors more time to perform operations. The technique helps to reduce the damage done to the brain and other organs while the patient’s heart is not beating. It also reduces the need for anaesthetic and life support machines.

Researchers are now set to begin the first human trials of the technique, which involves replacing a patient’s blood with a cold solution to rapidly chill body temperatures. The cold treatment, which is being developed at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and is featured in a BBC Two Horizon documentary, will see patient’s bodies being cooled to as low as 10 degrees C.

The normal human body temperature is 37 degrees C and usually humans quickly die if the core body temperature drops below 22 degrees C. Dr Hasan Alam, the surgeon who is leading the research at Massachusetts General Hospital, said that often emergency patients suffering from gunshot wounds, stabbings and car accidents are on the brink of death anyway so by cooling their bodies so extensively it can protect their brain and organs from damage. Dr Alam said trials of the technique in animals had shown it to be hugely successful. He said: “If you drop the body’s core temperature and brain temperature down to 15 degrees C or 10 degrees C you are talking about 60 minutes and even 190 minutes of protection. “By cooling rapidly in this fashion we can convert almost certain death into a 90 per cent survival rate.””

Katy Perry was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she was in a sketch that poked fun at her appearance on Sesame Street. Her special guest slot with Elmo was banned last week from airing due to “excessive cleavage”.

Meanwhile, in Cambodia, a new sign went up to warn tourists that having sex with underage girls and/or wearing tacky t-shirts is a criminal offence.