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Dimitri has something to say about Rebecca Black’s Friday.


They are clearly haggling over the price of the 2nd sock. The first baby thought it was a two for one deal, but that 2nd baby drives a hard bargain. Either that, or they are reenacting the scene from Very Bad Things where they’re trying to decide what to do with the dead hooker.

Skittles have decided that creepy advertising on YouTube can never go too far… [Note: You really do HAVE to touch the screen whilst watching and then shower immediately after]

Meanwhile, nothing can stop the honey badger. Nothing.

The second coming wasn’t what I expected.

Words won’t help explain what Gravy Rainbow is. Welcome to the future of music.

Check out DisasterRadio album HERE!

“BBC Comedy visits a support group for old-school Radiohead fans.”

“Rachel Sequoia presents her brand ‘Share The Air‘ to fellow entrepreneurs and VCs at the first Silicon Valley Venture Capital Fundraising Club (VCFC) event in Palo Alto, CA in Feb. 2011.”

Here’s what I would have said BEFORE she wasted everyone’s time: “No shoes. No speak. Buh-bye.” I think, somewhat ironically, her brain needs more oxygen.

Her ‘Share the air’ presentation made as much sense as this child’s jokes…

While promoting the comedy flop Jersey Girl in 2004, Ben Affleck appeared on the Canadian TV show Box-office, hosted by Anne-Marie Losique. An allegedly drunk Affleck summoned Losique to his lap before repeatedly groping and hugging her, while uttering a series of sexual overtures that would likely lead an average man to lose his job. “You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story? Why are you covering it up today?” asked Affleck. “It’s Sunday morning? That never stopped you before from getting the titties out. Who’re you trying to fool? It’s Sunday morning. You could be in church. You should have that rack on display.” He later added, “Should we do a Janet Jackson thing? Are you wearing your nipple ring?” Later, it was reported that the interview was merely an act of “performance art” by Affleck, who pulled the same shtick with Losique in a promotional interview for his film Paycheck back in 2003.
Yes. Performance Art. I would have said the same thing.

I went away to India for 6 months last autumn. Whilst I was away one of my best mates was living in my flat looking after it for me. When I got back from the airport last week there was a note on my coffee table to press play on the Playstation and this video came on the TV.
Note: You will have to click to watch on YouTube because Sony Music are stingy bastards.

I was unimpressed until they wrapped the entire room in tinfoil.

Meanwhile on some NBC morning show, a spokesperson from supermarket chain Sparkle Market gives some great advice from an accompaniment to biscotti…

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.