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Jason Schwartzman guest stars on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street as “Super Chef,” the host of Cast Iron Cook. A real life grown up hipster being weird and funny on a legendary kids tv show. I like to think of this as a meth induced freak out scene.

Redditor wiserton27 says: “Whenever Michael Jackson does the Moonwalk, I never look at his feet. I look at his neck… You should too.”
Video warning: May change everything.

In other freaky video links, ScreamCamTV suggest there are better ways to handle yourself when walking through a haunted house tour…

You can question his masculinity all you want, he’s the one rolling with 5 bitches. Well played, Sir. I tip my cap to you.

There is hope for the youth afterall…

Parenting feedback: You’re doing it right!

In other adorable kid news, this is probably the worst Taekwondo fight you will ever see!

Sweep the leg! FINISH HIM!

“Here’s Marc Martel’s audition for Queen Extravaganza — a live tour with members of Queen in honour of the band’s 40th anniversary. Considering he’s Freddie Mercury reincarnate, I’d say he has a pretty good shot of winning.”

Say it with me: dirty stache.

Ironically named Serena Williams unleashed her unsportswomanlike wrath on the chair umpire presiding over her US Open women’s final match against Samantha Stosur.

Last time I checked this was America…” Serena has the right to verbally abuse the official because as a he/she tennis player, who was completely outclassed and beaten easily in the US Open final, normal rules of conduct don’t apply.

“At a Venice Film Festival press conference for Madonna’s universally panned feature film W.E., someone had the audacity to hand her some hydrangeas, which, as everyone knows, she absolutely loathes.”
Warning: This video contains a fake British accent.

Fitting, because most people absolutely loathe Madonna. What a C-U-Next Tuesday.

There are world records and then their are world records. Erin O’Keefe and Amy Milano set the world’s most conspicuously absent record: Most Tandem Pizza Slice Face Slaps in 15 Seconds.

Try not to be aroused, I dare you.

No bones? Nathan Barnatt has just the dance for you.

Jordan Laws relies on a “lifelong obsessions with beats, rhymes and feature films” to compile an eminently finger-tappable rhyming “mega-mix of classic movie lines” set to the tune of an original beat.” You could go as far as to call it a delightfully energetic and poetic ride through cinema history, with both high and low art merging into a single piece. Or you could just watch it.

If you liked that then check out the ‘Golden Age of Video’ by Ricardo Autobahn below…

Though earlier reports indicated the UK riots were spreading across the nation, it has now been confirmed that may finally be dying down, this footage, filmed in Whalley Range, Manchester, proves the situation remains as volatile as ever.

Someone has to stop this madness.

In these tough times it’s important to be thankful for the things that truly matter.

That prayer reminded me of “The Splendiferous Barfing Cup”…

I was going to say, “Hey! That’s wasting soda!” but can you ever truly waste soda?