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Comedian Jon Lajoie would like to share some explicit apathy with you…

I don’t give a fuck about beverage size options either.

A group of hipsters discuss today’s most exclusive music.

Check out the Harvard Sailing Team!

Dimitri has something to say about Rebecca Black’s Friday.


Skittles have decided that creepy advertising on YouTube can never go too far… [Note: You really do HAVE to touch the screen whilst watching and then shower immediately after]

Meanwhile, nothing can stop the honey badger. Nothing.

Written and performed by Mikala Bierma and Tyler Coates

At 18 months of age, baby Ellie has already figured out the secret to a long and happy life. Sometimes you just gotta say, “Fuck it!”

A short skit about celery in which absolutely nothing unexpected happens.

He was chewing with his mouth open. Gross.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is famous for his crazy dance moves during live performances, and the new video for ‘Lotus Flower’ doesn’t disappoint. It’s just Yorke in a top hat going ballistic fruit salad for five minutes. And while the video only hit the internet six days ago, it’s been more than enough time for it to become a full-blown meme…
The Original

Surfin’ Yorke

Thom gets rowdy to Slayer

A Danish game show called Total Blackout invites contestants “to compete in a series of outrageous challenges” while immersed in total darkness.

I would have called the show “When Brown Eye Met Pink Eye”.

Meanwhile, a President Obama “lookalike” promotes KFC China’s fish fillet sandwich for some reason.

KFC 家鄉鮮魚柳軟包 – A版奧巴馬 10″版. Exactly. Silly sheltered Chinese. Black people would never pass up fried chicken for a fish sandwich. Get to know your stereotypes.