A tribute to the worst death scenes ever!

Posted: 2010/03/20 in Film, Online Links
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Recently I posted a tribute to the greatest stoner scenes ever. I believe the ‘death scene’ is a category that also needs serious attention and too often it is overlooked by aging film critics who wear glasses, the Academy and the online film community. As usual an Olympic podium of medals will be handed out for what I regard as some of the funniest and worst examples of filmmaking ever.

BRONZE medal: Pee Wee Herman in BUFFY the Vampire Slayer.

SILVER medal: William Shatner in the 1996 made for tv movie “Dead Man’s Island”. WTF is with the leotard and which studio allowed a script this bad to be made? I demand answers for bad actors everywhere.

GOLD medal: I….um….I don’t even know where to begin…has to be seen to be believed. Admittedly porn is not known for quality dialogue but this is so bad it deserves recognition. “You crazy bastard.” End scene!

Honourable Mention: Moments before dying, the Enter the Ninja villain suddenly realizes the futility of it all and the meaninglessness of man’s existence in a cold, uncaring universe.

Honourable Mention: Kill scene from Slither. Could also possibly recieved an award for grossest death scene ever.


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