Gay Uncles are important.

Posted: 2010/03/21 in General News, Journal Entries
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A new study suggests that homosexual men appear to have an important role to play in perpetuating family genes. While gay men may never have children of their own, they often play the part of “super uncle” – a relative who devotes a lot of time and energy to children within the family. This altruistic behaviour can enhance the survival prospects of their young kin, according to evolutionary psychologists at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

The researchers conducted their study on the Pacific island of Samoa, where homosexual males are recognized as a distinct gender category called fa’afafine. This study sheds light on how homosexuality could be present in the genome, though homosexuals have no children of their own this increased pseudoparental care could be of a selective advantage to those children, and while they are not direct descendants of their homosexual uncles the uncles (or aunts of course) still have a genetic stake in those offspring.

Previous studies have shown that fa’afafine are much more likely than Samoan women or heterosexual men to behave altruistically toward their nieces and nephews through actions such as babysitting, providing tutoring and paying for medical care and education. In this study, the researchers investigated whether this altruism was limited to children within the family or all children in general. The study authors noted that Samoan culture is very localized and centered on tight-knit extended families, whereas Western societies tend to be highly individualistic and homophobic. But Samoa’s community-centered culture may be representative of the type of environment in which homosexuality evolved eons ago.

The study is about to be released in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science. To sum up, it seems Samoan’s may have started homesexuality and I did not have a gay super uncle taking care of me during my childhood. I feel left out. I’m not sure how this explains why Samoan’s are so good at rugby. We need a new study. It’s great to know that gay men have an evolutionary role. Take that homophobic douchebags everywhere.


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