Epic Beard Man

Posted: 2010/03/22 in Online Links
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On February 16th, 2010 Iyanna Washington, a college student from Oakland, CA (Youtube user iyannaw08) uploaded the video “AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT I AM A MOTHERFUCKER”; a video she recorded of a 50 year old black man and a 67 year old white man wearing a T-shirt that reads “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” having a heated argument fueled by racial ignorance resulting in a physically violent confrontation.

Within the first 24 hours, the video amassed over one million views and spawned countless threads on 4chan’s /b/ where hundreds of various image macros have been created.

The older white man in the video has been identified as Thomas Bruso, AKA Tom Slick, AKA Vietnam Tom; infamous in Oakland for his reputation of belligerence. Prior to the discovery of his identity, Anonymous had already dubbed him Epic Beard Man.

The moral of the story here is either do not mess with Santa Claus on his way home or if you keep talking smack you going to get smacked. To be honest, I would not talk shit to a guy nicknamed “Vietnam Tom” but then that’s just me.

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