The Westboro Baptist Church Hates Everything

Posted: 2010/03/23 in General News, Journal Entries
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The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an Independent Baptist church and hate group most known for its hatred of gays. It is headed by Fred Phelps and located in Topeka, Kansas, United States. I first learned of WBC’s crazy opinions on Louis Theroux’s excellent documentary “America’s Most Hated Family”. The group is best known for its protest activities, which include picketing the funerals of dead soldiers from Iraq whilst loved ones mourn their loss by shouting at them that God hates their son and stomping on the American flag.

The group carries out daily picketing in Topeka (purportedly six per day with fifteen on Sunday) and travels all over the US to picket the funerals of gay victims of murder, gay-bashing or people who have died from complications relating to AIDS; other events related or peripherally related to gay people; Kansas City Chiefs football games; and live pop concerts. As of March 2009 the church claims to have participated in over 41,000 protests in over 650 cities since 1991. One of Westboro’s followers estimated that the church spends $250,000 a year on picketing. They have also picketed the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC and regularly share their anti-semitic views.

The WBC considers membership in most religious groups, such as the Roman Catholic Church or Islam, as akin to devil worship, and states these other churches to be “Satanic frauds preaching Arminian lies.” All non-Christian entities, non-Protestant Christian churches, and all Protestant Christian churches that do not strongly condemn homosexuality are said to be sending their members to Hell.

Westboro claims that the Roman Catholic Church is a “fag” church and refer to priests as “vampires” and “Draculas” who suck semen out of children’s genitals like vampires suck blood from their victims.

I think I have established that according to the WBC God hates us all, except them. They have even picked a fight more recently with filmmaker Kevin Smith. “Kevin Smith is a classic worker of iniquity. His favorite lie? “I’m okay, you’re okay, as long as we’re doing things that feel good & don’t hurt anyone.” Well, Kevin, you’ve got a problem: your view is definitely askew! Your life revolves around your insignificant private parts (which you proudly make public, as though someone cares!) & you’re going to pretend emo-Jesus makes that okay.” A part of me is very impressed they watch Kevin Smith movies because his excellent sexualized comedic dialogue must really get under the skin of the Phelps crazy gang. Kevin Smith and the rest of us should be laughing at them instead of reacting to their hate with more hate. Where is the love people?

Check out their website link below in case you are in any doubt about the level of crazy we are dealing with here. I have also attached some pics of people who have come up with some very creative ways to hit back at the WBC.

The Westboro Baptist Church Official Site –

In other news, Miley Cyrus is set to be a mentor this week on American Idol.
This just in: Hell has frozen over.

  1. Savannah says:

    Very interested in this, sort of as though christianity is going against itself from another branch. I was a bit disturbed by their way of describing the Roman Catholic church. Creates some very disturbing images.

    • I agree Ziggy, but I would also dismiss the WBC as no more than a small organization of hateful people. Like I said, it’s better to laugh at them then buy into their hate speech.

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