Self Defense Tip: Rolled Up Magazine.

Posted: 2010/03/26 in Journal Entries, Online Links
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The basic self defense philosophy is that it is better to face an opponent when armed with junk than with empty hands. This has led to an entire branch of self defense devoted to using impromptu or makeshift items as weapons focusing on items you may have nearby or on your person when you are attacked. You may have seen a film in which the protagonist, Matt Damon, used a rolled up magazine as a weapon against a knife-wielding assassin. What are you hopped up on goofballs?! This is no damn Hollywood trick! This is real. Given that any office or home is likely to have a few magazines lying close at hand means that this is both a common and effective method of self defense should nothing more effective as a weapon be immediately available. Watch closely my apprentice. Learn the techniques. If someone asks if you are using that chair or dares to take it from you forcefully, then beat their ass with the latest issue of Oprah magazine!
I will be in Whistler until Monday. I’m taking extra magazines just in case.
Stay safe.


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