Dog testicle tickling party

Posted: 2010/04/03 in General News
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If you thought that the spoof documentary about dog shows, “Best in Show”, was a little exaggerated, think again. The reality of life in the upper echelons of showing pedigree dogs can be more bizarre than a film director could ever imagine.

A video taken at the Crufts Dog Show recently proves the point, but it needs a little explaining. A prize-winning Bulldog, according to the Kennel Club breed standard, ought to “convey an impression of determination, strength and activity”. The problem is: how to make a bored Bulldog look like this?

The handlers in the show ring seem to have found a method, which as the video shows, has become almost universally popular: hold the dog’s head steady by grasping his collar with your left hand, and with your right hand, gently tickle the base of his scrotum. This action with the right hand is guaranteed to make any dog stand still, while adopting an understandably “questioning” facial expression. Apparently this can boost his prize-winning chances.

Who wouldn’t have a “questioning” expression if some dog handler was tickling your scrotum?


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