Tiger Woods tees off at Augusta to ‘awkward silence.’

Posted: 2010/04/05 in Sport
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Obviously there’s a lot of interest in Tiger Woods’ return to golf. Here’s what it looked like this morning as he teed off for a practice round at Augusta National, the famed Georgia club where the Masters Tournament will be played this week.

According to the wire service, since his infamous car crash last November and the ensuing revelations of numerous affairs, Woods has been “in virtual hiding.” This morning he walked onto the first tee to awkward silence from about 500 fans who gradually warmed up to him as he began a practice round with Fred Couples. ‘Welcome back, Tiger,’ came the occasional shout from the gallery. Woods turned to acknowledge the fans with a nod and a smile – something he rarely did before a sex scandal made him the source of so much ridicule.

At the press conference later, Tiger will confirm that he loves sleeping with bitches and then tell the crowd of hungry reporters that he has been practicing his Dr Evil laugh in case he wins this week. People will be shocked at first but later they will say, “Just keep winning and making Nike money, you naughty scamp!” Don’t pretend Golf wasn’t crying out for this kind of spicy action and drama.

If you want proof then click the link below to check out this important message from the legendary golfer…


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