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I dunno Jeff has there? I must have missed that.
To be fair it is very tough to stand by the side of the field wearing headphones with the sole purpose of watching the game and reporting back to the studio every 10-15mins with any interesting events, like goals or red cards. Jog on Chris Kamara you muppet!
Get your fingers out and count the number of Portsmouth players on the field.

And another thing, look at this lovely picture of a carrot. Rabbits can fuck off. I am not upset that Manchester Utd lost to Bayern Munich today on away goals rule despite being 3-0 up and cruising. Not at all.


I am surprised it took the porn industry this long but, finally, there is a parody of one of the greatest comedies of all time – The Big Lebowski. From director Lee Roy Myers, of such previous porn parodies as Seinfeld, Friends, and Who’s the Boss, and stars Peter O’Tool and Kimberly Kane. Not that I have seen any of those. Don’t look at me like that. I used the power of Google. Btw, you’re welcome.
And, since I am paying tribute to the Coen Brother’s classic.
Please appreciate the Jesus scene one more time…