Dear Brad, I hope it was worth it.

Posted: 2010/04/08 in General News, Online Links
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Assuming this is not staged as a Starcraft advert. This crazy Ex needs to calm down. She deleted the dudes Beta key and then posted the revenge video on YouTube. Holy shit! Wars have been fought over less. Starcraft space wars I mean. Wait, what am I even talking about? I know sweet fuck all about StarCraft.
Nerds everywhere must be typing away feverishly on forums plotting their collective revenge. This is an angry quote I copied after I used the power of Google about this video. It comes from a user called Quiet Stranger:“I’d break her face in, make her gargle on her own blood for shredding the Beta Key!” Then again, what did I expect from a user called Quiet Stranger? Here is another response from KeePCoolBG: “WTF is that? Do u realised you just threw $200 dollars away. U cld have sold it. U fucking retard. Your bf can get his key back by emailing Blizzard and you look really stupid you know. That beta key stays on his Blizzard acount so he might as well rofl while watching you make a fool outta yourself. P.S. And that is why folks, we should never have shown women how to use the computer. Women belong in the kitchen.”
Blizzard. Beta Keys. Women in the kitchen. I’m lost.
Anyway, I think it’s against the law in Australia to gain unauthorised access to a person’s email account and hate beer at the same time, but since this didn’t happen in Australia the authorities are powerless to stop this kind of dangerous hacker from causing havoc to gamers everywhere. Something has to be done.
In future Brad, do not break up with girls who are psycho hose beasts.


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