Music you need to know about, Vol 2.

Posted: 2010/04/08 in Music
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The title of this edition should actually be Canadian music you need to know about. First up is You Say Party! We Say Die! a Canadian five piece dance-punk band from Abbotsford, British Columbia. This song is the title track from their new album XXXX.
Listen >> You Say Party! We Say Die!There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)
You Say Party! We Say Die! — There Is XXXX by pepelsbey

Broken Social Scene is an award-winning Canadian Indie rock band, a musical collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members depending on the tour, album or timing. The band refuses the label “supergroup,” based on size or the ubiquity of their members, claiming that in the indie scene everyone is involved in more than one project. The group’s sound could be considered a combination of all of its members’ respective musical projects, and is occasionally considered baroque pop. Well-known members of the group include Feist, Charles Spearin from Do Make Say Think and Evan Cranley from Stars as well as founding members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. This single is from their much anticipated new album Forgiveness Rock Record out May 4th.
Listen >> Broken Social SceneForced To Love
Broken Social Scene – Forced To Love by Hypetrak

Japandroids is a Vancouver based two-piece indie rock band formed in 2006, and comprises Brian King on guitar and David Prowse on drums. The two met at the University of Victoria, where King studied science and Prowse anthropology. They originally intended to find a third member to act as lead vocalist, but later decided to forego having a specific lead singer and simply share vocal duties. The name Japandroids came from two other band name ideas: Japanese Scream (from Prowse) and Pleasure Droids (from King). Occasionally they will spell it without vowels, as JPNDRDS. Their sound is reminiscent of At the Drive-In in it’s heyday.
Listen >> JapandroidsArt Czars
Japandroids – Art Czars by pinpointmusic


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