Positive Thinking can create unnecessary stress

Posted: 2010/04/08 in General News
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According to behaviour blog Psychology Today, the culture of positive thinking creates a lot of undue stress by making us think that every negative situation must be turned into a positive situation. Avoiding “good” and “bad” labels eliminates this stress.

Author and professor Srikumar Rao uses the adage, “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade,” to illustrate his point. It implies that the lemon is a bad thing, but how was it labeled as a bad thing to start with? Most people assign “good” and “bad” labels to things in their lives—and tend to use the “bad” label three to ten times more often than the “good” label. When the “bad” label is assigned, people often feel the need to turn it into a positive situation. This event creates unnecessary stress by creating a need or expectation to remedy it, according to Rao. Sometimes you can’t make lemonade, or anything positive, out of a bad situation. Pressuring yourself to do so only exacerbates the situation.

He also argues that people who flourish over the worst circumstances are often the people who never label or lament over their circumstances. To them, it’s just the way life is and simply another piece in the puzzle.

To sum up, if you understand the theory you are an intelligent person and if you need to read through it again you are a dumb ass. Don’t take that negatively.

  1. I have been giving myself the love that I deserve everyday for years. In doing that, I have started to become a very positive thinking woman. Little did I know that in trying to stay positive in my life, that things would start to turn around for me.

    There are times when I have trials that I have to work though. However, as I am working though them, I am also thinking in a positive way of how I can achieve whatever needs to be done. No longer do I sit and worry about how things will be accomplished, instead, I stayed focused.

    It works for me. My health is better, my attitude certainly has improved 100% and I feel that life may be full of challenges but I will overcome.

    It may depend on the person but as I said, being positive works for me.

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