What’s really going on in South Africa

Posted: 2010/04/12 in General News, Journal Entries
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What’s really going on in South Africa Document LINK.

I think most would agree it is certainly a powerful article. It went around virally last year in the build up to the tournament. The boycott the 2010 World Cup stuff is nonsense to me and a sporting event is just that a sporting event and it should be viewed as seperate with obvious benefits to the country. However, some facts stood out as particulary worrying and whilst the rest of the document leaves room to be dismissed by some as pure shock tactics type ‘journalism’ to suit a point of view, where it is scary is that these depictions of crime and stories are not made up.

Sure, it is possible to read through the document and say it’s only focusing on the negative, except these are the stories and thoughts of South African citizens. Anyway, this is not intended to spark an immigration debate or designed to have a go at white South Africans who choose to stick their heads in the sand. I’m not decided on whether or not I even agree entirely with the intention of those who put together the document. I’m not sure if “awareness” is its sole purpose, but after reading it I think it is incredibly sad that this is the view of South Africa going around. The facts are clear enough and arguing against it is to miss the point. The reality is that the majority of crime in the country is black on black, and they are without doubt the worst affected but it doesn’t change the fact that violent crime against whites is an everyday occurence. Besides crime should be spoken about it terms of citizens not by race.

Despite the threat around you, I have always felt that feeling safe is a state of mind, you have to get on with your life wherever you chose to live but how quickly these feelings can change if someone very close to you is killed or you are the victim of violent crime and sometimes life in South Africa can feel a bit like playing Russian Roulette. Most people don’t realize how on guard they are everyday and it filters into your subconscious and can manifest into an aggressive disposition. Safety is a basic human right and the government should be doing more to protect it’s citizens. Corruption, lack of funding and incompetent SAP staffing should be first on the agenda for transformation. For such a scenic and multicultural country I sincerely hope the “it’s only a matter of time till things fall apart” school of thought is proved wrong for the long term.

For every 1000 criminals reported in RSA, only 430 criminals are arrested. Of these only 77 are convicted and of these barely 8 are sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment.

South Africa was the most dangerous country in the world to work in — ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan…” Securicor CEO Nick Buckles, Reuters, May 2009

Below are two links reporting official crime stats from nation master for year end 2009.


NATION MASTER Link: Worldwide Murders per Capita

Finally, I tried to get the official crime stats from the South Africa Police website but the site doesn’t work ….um? :-/ Copy and Paste to see if you have better luck…

  1. Oh man i love that cartoon, the kid is drawn so well!

    Its a sad situation here, and it disturbs me that members of our government are behaving in a racist manner -_-

  2. Barry says:

    Its very sad when one reads an article like this about your country. The saddest part is that most of these types of articles are written by people that have not spent 5 minutes in this beautiful country.

    Yes, we have many problems (as many other countries) … Our biggest problem being an ineffective and uneducated government. And yes, i agree its a HUGE problem.

    BUT … we have many fantastic facets to this country. We have hosted succesful sporting events in the past and WORLD CUP 2010 will be another extremely succesfull sporting event hosted by this country.

    All the sceptics and critics WILL be proven wrong and WE will show the world YET AGAIN that this country can surpass all the negative publicity spread by uninformed individuals that haven’t spend time here.

    I urge all readers to not always believe what you read and rather make up your own minds.

    South Africa will surprise many with this world cup … like we did in 1994 … when all the newspapers said there will be a civil war in the country.

    Come on … rather write about effective governments that are doing so much for their country (oops … i forgot … that would mean you have nothing to write about) …


  3. I agree that often articles are written about SA by the international press, usually British, that can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon and bad mouth African leaders especially with the World Cup coming up. They are looking for stories. Does it help the cause when Malema throws out a UK journalist from a press conference? No. It’s a sad reality of the world we live, bad news is more interesting than good, but that is not a new concept.

    As I think I pointed out quite clearly, I, as a South African, questioned the intentions of the ‘what’s really going on in SA’ document and asked if it wasn’t just about awareness of crime and had more of an agenda against the country. However, the document is written by South Africans and we have to accept that many feel this way. We can assume they would not be writing something like that if they or someone close to them hadn’t been the victims of violent crime. The fact is the crime stats and stories are true, and I feel it would be disrepectful to the victims to dismiss their fate. Surely it is better to confront issues head on rather than only look for positives? My experience of many white South Africans is a sense of apathy about politics, the economy and crime. Many want to exist in a bubble away from the reality of what’s going on. The change so many South Africans (black and white) want in the country regarding crime, a better police force and restored faith in their goverment will not come from ignoring negative press.

    Like I said in the blog, the boycott the World Cup stuff is nonsense and I don’t see how it’s related to the many socio-economic problems the country has. The benefits outweigh any negatives. End of story. It’s an honour to host this event.

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