Bummer! The movie.

Posted: 2010/04/13 in Film
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Quentin Tarantino may have re-invented the 70’s Grindhouse double feature as a high concept art film when he teamed up with Robert Rodriguez in 2007 for Death Proof and Planet Terror. Paying homage to these films is great provided you have Tarantino’s dialogue and skillful filmmakers involved. The orginal action films of the period were awful. I would use the word retarded if it wasn’t so un-PC. Take the 1973 film simply entitled Bummer! for example.

BUMMER! (1973)
Dir: William Allen Castleman
Part of a Johnny Firecloud double feature.
Plot: The manager of a rock band fires the drunken psycho bass player, who goes on a rape and murder spree.
Tagline: Groups and Groupies … Sometimes … It’s a Groove … and Sometimes It’s a … Bummer!

Review: All in all, the most you can say is that “Bummer!” is a movie that truly, truly lives up to it’s title.


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