Gingers have souls.

Posted: 2010/04/13 in Online Links
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South Park Ep136Ginger Kids‘ : In a class presentation, Cartman delivers a hate speech, arguing that “Gingers” – children with red hair, light skin, and freckles are inhuman and according to Cartman, all Ginger Kids are born with a disease called “Gingervitus”, which occurs because Gingers have no souls. Because their skin is so light, Ginger Kids must avoid the sun — not unlike vampires. Also be wary of “Daywalkers”, which are people that have red hair, but not the pale skin and freckles. Like Kyle.

This youngster took offence to South Park’s comedy and posted his outrage on YouTube. Turns out South Park are wrong, Gingers do have souls.

100% Ginger – Ingredients: Water, Carbon, Freckles, Carrot Juice. No artificial colourants.


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