Playboy rejects Kate Gosselin

Posted: 2010/04/13 in Celebrity
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To be honest it’s just a great headline. I could have written ‘Playboy Rejects Sarah Palin’ but then most people would recoil in horror from their screens at the mere suggestion of the Republican freak show naked. Kate Gosselin hasn’t asked to appear in a Playboy shoot so it’s not rejection per se but Hugh Hefner was recently asked if there was any possibility that Momzilla would grace the glossy covers of Playboy and Sir Hef said, “No! No!” The original playboy added insult to injury by suggesting he doesn’t even know why she’s on Dancing with the Stars. He explained, “I don’t think she’s a celebrity.” But Hef, it depends on your definition of celebrity because apparently dancing like a shopping cart every week on Dancing with the Stars, having 8 kids on a reality show and getting divorced qualifies as celebrity these days. It must hurt to hear that no one wants to check out your goody basket. Shit, now I am trying not to think of Sarah Palin naked.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Speaking of reality show celebs, here is a picture of supermodel Bar Rafaeli posing with the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. That is certainly a big meat sandwich she is putting in her mouth isn’t it?


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