England World Cup Squad plan to sleep in oxygen tents

Posted: 2010/04/14 in Sport
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According to The Daily Mail, England stars will soon begin their build-up to this summer’s World Cup by sleeping in special altitude tents. Fabio Capello’s squad have been subjected to extensive tests over much of this season. The results have shown that some of the players would benefit from starting to sleep in the tents at their homes in a bid to acclimatise to the high altitude conditions of South Africa.

At higher altitudes the air is thinner. Each breath has less oxygen, so you need to work harder to maintain the supply. When less oxygen is delivered to the muscles, fatigue sets in. The English players are measured first at sea level and then at the altitude of Johannesburg – artificially set by the machine – to see how the body responds. Those who have proven to be more susceptible to the adverse effects of high altitude will have the tents delivered to their homes as soon as possible. Sleeping at altitude can prove just as effective as training at altitude and the state-of-the-art equipment can replicate the exact heights of the World Cup venues.

None of this will help England when they meet Brazil, Spain, Italy or Argentina. I wonder if John Terry has requested a sleeps three king-size oxygen tent.


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