Does Hacky Sack count as a sport?

Posted: 2010/04/18 in Journal Entries, Online Links
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With impending climate change doom, nuclear crisis talks, world hunger, volcanic ash over Iceland and the rise of Sarah Palin there are more important questions that need answering, however, I recently saw this video by Lisa Nova and it got me wondering if Hacky Sack was actually a sport. I also have to take a moment to give respect to the YouTube vloggers who tirelessly put up videos, some of them every single day, whether it is skits, opinions or merely letting us into their daily lives for entertainment value. Of course with YouTube you have to accept that many of them will also be shitty wannabes trying to mimick the success of Shay Carl, Lisa Nova, Phillip DeFranco, Ray William Johnson or Michael Buck, etc…but that’s okay because anything goes on YouTube and that’s why we love it.

Hacky Sack! Not only is it fun to say but the co-operative kicking sport has ancient origins from China, Thailand, Native America and nearly every country. Hacky Sack or Footbag, as we know it today, is a modern American sport invented in 1972, by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall of Oregon City, Oregon. Marshall had created a hand-made bean bag, that he was kicking around. Stalberger was recovering from knee surgery and was looking for a fun way to exercise his knees. Together, they called the new game “Hackin’ the Sack.” The two decided to collaborate and market their new game under the trademark of “Hacky Sack®”.

Mike Marshall died of a heart attack in 1975, at the age of twenty-eight. Stalberger continued with the “Hacky Sack” cause and formed the National Hacky Sack Association. He later sold the rights for the Hacky Sack® Footbag to Kransco (operating under the Wham-O label), which also manufactured the Frisbee flying disc.

Following the invention of Hacky Sack (aka Footbag), different varieties of the sport have evolved including “Footbag Net” where players volley a Hacky Sack over a 5-foot-high net and “Freestyle Footbag” where players stand in a circle and do tricks with the Hacky Sack while passing it around the circle.

Do I really think Hacky Sack counts as a sport? No. So all you university students with your backpacks and water bottles and idealistic stoner attitudes who take your Hacky Sack skills seriously it’s time to get a fucking soccer ball and learn a real sport.

P.s., Lisa Nova is also a babe. Boom!

  1. Allan says:


    I don’t suppose you ever found some real “hacky sack” on youtube? Are you saying this:

    Isn’t a sport?

  2. I was half expecting a Hacky Sacker to show righteous indignation at my blog. It was done in the name of comedy, no offence intended. I suppose you are mad at Lisa Nova too. I think the tricks and skills are impressive and its a fun game to play. It’s definately no more a sport in the traditional sense of the word than air guitar is to playing real guitar.

    Compare this to your link…

  3. Allan says:

    Well, I suppose calling my question “righteous indignation” is likely flattering yourself a little. I’m more of a curious passer-by 🙂 I’m not offended in the slightest, but if this is your idea of “comedy,” allow me suggest that you look up both “funny” and “sport” in the dictionary sometime 😉

    My Lynch is absolutely amazing with a football.

  4. “Righteous indignation” was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Again you seem to have missed the light-hearted nature of the post and the reply. When you watched Lynch doing freestyle with a soccer ball did you not think if only a hacky sack was even half as interesting to watch? And, yes it was my idea of comedy, many think hacky sack being considered a sport is a funny concept. 😉

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