Aussie Rules Knockout!

Posted: 2010/04/21 in Sport
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Australian Rules Football and NHL Hockey are the the hardest hitting and fastest moving games in the world. AFL, or “footy”, is played without pads and these guys take real pleasure in hurting each other. The bigger the hit the better you are playing. I would throw Rugby into the mix, however, the modern era has seen the sport clean up its act and remove most of the fighting and ugly tackles, but they also deserve a mention for being tough bastards.
In the clip you will see how dangerous Aussie Rules can be. What strikes me is the lack of concern from not only the commentators but also the officials as they let the game play on taking very little notice of the injured player. We get some comments about his courage and that he was out before he hit the ground and the sense, initially, that they’ve seen it all before and that it’s just part of the game. In the words of Eric Bana’s character in Funny People, “Poor ‘lil fucka!”


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