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Last month, this video of excessive force from Victoria police officers caused quite a bit of controversy in my hometown. Look, we all know cops regularly suffer abuse from drunk nightclub goers and they have a tough job at the best of times, but there is NO excuse for this kind of excessive force and blatant abuse of power. I have enormous respect for police officers who put themselves in the line of danger everyday but when the person is already detained and is not resisting arrest, why knee them and hit them when they are on the ground?

I ws reminded of this video when I saw this funny picture online this morning. “Small Penis? Join the Police.”

There are many other far worse examples of police brutality and excessive force all over the world, however, the bottomline is those who choose to serve and protect are not above the law themselves and your ego should be left at home when you are out on patrol.


With remakes of 80s films so popular these days I would like to know if there are any producers out there looking to get involved in my project. Leave your contact details in the comments section. I’m looking to cast Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson as the core group of school girls who get up to all kinds of comic musical misadventure. Lindsay Lohan is likely to be cast as the unpopular drug addict bitch character who makes life hell for our horny young heroes but ultimately learns a valuable lesson that drugs, partying and revenge do not mix. Don’t worry, Lindsay will not sing because notable guest appearances will include Taylor Swift and Katy Perry who play singing lesbian lovers. The script is shaping up nicely as Mean Girls meets Ferris Bueller meets High School Musical meets Porky’s meets Debbie Does Dallas. I can also exclusively reveal that Bret Easton Ellis is the co-scriptwriter. There is a chance it may be R-Rated. Any takers?