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Idea Factory is giving Japanese Xbox 360 owners a slice of the married life with My Wife: A Bride Just For You. Siliconera notes the “game” allows players to make a custom wife – choosing her “looks, voice and personality.” Then players start their lives as newlyweds by answering love quizzes, sharing liquids from the same cup (still only one girl) and picking out swimwear. My Wife expansion DLC will allegedly include voice packs to change your custom-made wife’s voice during the marriage. No word yet on how they plan to develop the game futher to do laundry or give blowjobs.

If you think a Wife Sim game is weird check out this Japanese ad.

Little Red Riding Hood, cute furry creatures with large breasts and a raccoon with oversized balls. Fuck me. I’m sure it’s possible to update a full time blog on all the super weird things Japan has to offer. I am fighting the urge to tell you about Japanese Eel Porn which is exactly what it sounds like.

Even big companies like Dole fruit have to adjust their campaigns when targeting the Japanese market. If you understand what the hell is going on here you are on crack.

[To Be Continued]


Briton Robert Dee took action against the Daily Telegraph over an article written in April 2008. The 23-year-old argued that the article was “offensive” and could blight his potential future career as a tennis coach. The newspaper argued that its article was not defamatory when read together with another piece in the same edition. Today, the judge in the High Court agreed with the newspaper. “The claimant is a professional player who did indeed lose 54 consecutive matches in tournaments on the international professional circuit during which he did not win one set. His record of consecutive losses was the world record equalling worst-ever run of consecutive losses on the international professional circuit.”

Firstly, if you lose 54 consecutive matches without even winning a single set MAYBE it is time to consider a career change. Also, it is no suprise that the world’s worst tennis player is English. They’re so desperate as a nation to find tennis talent that they’re even claiming Scotland’s Andy Murray as one of their own. Then again it’s not like they have a track record of poaching sporting talent from other nations…um…

As reported by Sky News, Ricky Gervais “can’t believe” he has been asked back to host next year’s 68th Golden Globes Awards ceremony. “I can’t believe they invited me back after (the) awful things I said,” Gervais said. “Let’s see how far I can go this time.”

Next year’s Golden Globe Awards – one of the highlights of Hollywood’s awards season – will be held on January 16. “We are thrilled to have Ricky back as the host of the Golden Globe Awards,” said Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk. “His combination of wit, irreverence and spontaneity makes him the ideal host. He was fantastic last year, and he’ll be even better the second time around.”

One of Ricky’s most talked about gags from the 2010 awards was targeted at Hollywood actor Mel Gibson. As he sipped on a glass of beer Gervais quipped: “I like a drink as much as the next man… unless the next man is Mel Gibson.” Gibson then walked on stage to present an award.

If you missed Ricky hosting this year’s Globes. Enjoy.