World’s Worst Tennis Player

Posted: 2010/04/29 in Sport
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Briton Robert Dee took action against the Daily Telegraph over an article written in April 2008. The 23-year-old argued that the article was “offensive” and could blight his potential future career as a tennis coach. The newspaper argued that its article was not defamatory when read together with another piece in the same edition. Today, the judge in the High Court agreed with the newspaper. “The claimant is a professional player who did indeed lose 54 consecutive matches in tournaments on the international professional circuit during which he did not win one set. His record of consecutive losses was the world record equalling worst-ever run of consecutive losses on the international professional circuit.”

Firstly, if you lose 54 consecutive matches without even winning a single set MAYBE it is time to consider a career change. Also, it is no suprise that the world’s worst tennis player is English. They’re so desperate as a nation to find tennis talent that they’re even claiming Scotland’s Andy Murray as one of their own. Then again it’s not like they have a track record of poaching sporting talent from other nations…um…


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