2 Videos That Prove The Human Race Is Screwed

Posted: 2010/05/05 in Online Links
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As we seemingly head closer towards global enviromental disaster through our own wasteful and selfish habits I think you will agree that, after watching the videos, the Earth is more than ready for some peace and quiet for a few million years. The two videos below prove that humans have been the worse plague to infect the planet since life started here four billion years ago. Yes, life has been on Earth for four billion years. This is scientific fact backed up by evidence. Unlike the Bible, which is fiction made to look like fact through fear mongering and ignorance.
1 – Amazing Video Weirdness: a bunch of bizarre clips from television stitched together.

2 – Creationism propaganda for children: …words fail me.

  1. Richard says:

    Please tell me where I can get a copy of the “Behemoth” song.

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