There is NO debate about climate change.

Posted: 2010/05/09 in General News, Journal Entries
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It is truly remarkable how powerful the anti-global warming PR machine really is. A significant and growing number of people around the world now question the very existence of climate change. This is bizarre, when you consider the facts.

When the global warming “debate” is examined, you see on one side there are very credible university departments, along with virtually every climate scientist on the planet. On the other, you have a tiny handful of dissenters, most with clear ties to the oil and gas industry. And most of those are not even climate scientists. It seems when there is a need for humans to get off their lazy asses and do something about potential global catastrophe, we get lies, cover ups, ignorant claims, told how much it will cost economies..blah blah blah…excuses…”don’t listen to the liberal hippy enviromentalists and their hidden agendas”…yet, we were warned about the cost of climate change in the 70s. I guess we are waiting it out to see if “they” really mean it could be the end of civilization as we know it. Big gamble.

Clearly, there is no debate on climate change. Only the illusion of debate created by corporate misinformation campaigns and a strangely complicit media. Virtually all credible scientists warns us that our grandchildren will face a very different and dimished world. The entire collapse of major ecological systems is not unlikely. It is possibly the biggest crisis ever faced by the human race.

I’d like to end with a quick shout out to BP for fucking up the Gulf of Mexico with what will soon be announced as the largest oil spill ever.

Nature is trying to tell us something after all the pollution and animal abuse. Can you hear it?


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