Bieber who?

Posted: 2010/05/12 in Music, Online Links
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12yr old unknown Greyson Chance covers Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and I’ve got to give him credit, the kid’s got talent. He can play an instrument, he can sing, and I’ll bet he knows where Germany is. Judging by the non-reaction of the girls around him I’d say they probably all go to the same high school and know something about him, if you catch my drift, anyone who can sing that well and have such musical talent at that age should be rewarded with screaming and scrunched up phone numbers thrown at the stage. Unless all the girls, except the blonde in the back row, are total bitches I can’t understand the lack of enthusiasm. He even has the Justin Bieber signature hair. I don’t get it.

  1. I know greyson chance!…. i talked to him on the phone too… i presonlly aint really that into that kind of music… i will always love jb… but ya im no in love with greyson.. at all… he isnt that cute… 😦

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