We Built Sioux City

Posted: 2010/05/13 in Music
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This is a promo for Sioux City, Iowa.
By gathering notable townsfolk for this Up With People-esque extravaganza (and by not paying any attention to Starship’s lyrics), Sioux City’s promo video has now supplanted Cleveland’s as the most unintentionally hilarious instance of civic self-love.
Sioux City: “If you lived here, you’d be in this video.

There is nothing funnier than the original 80s video for Starship’s We Built This City. Great song, terrible video, like most of the decade.

  1. aj says:

    Hey Jason.. just to correct you there. This is NOT a real promo for Sioux City. Honestly, do you think ANYONE ANYWHERE would produce a “real promo” to the song ranked by many as The Worst Song of All Time?

    It is a tongue-in-cheek “Let’s be goofy and cheesy by spoofing the goofiest and cheesiest song ever made” video project. It was produced for the city’s RAGBRAI website (Google it) to set a fun, frolicky tone for that event this summer. We’re stunned and more than just a bit amused that that fact seems to have gone right over the heads of so many people on the internet. But the attention has been fantastic: more than 100,000 views in less than a week!

    Not too shabby for our first-ever posting on YouTube, eh?

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