June 2. The Big 3 “Oh!” *sigh* …halfway to 60!

Except, my name is not Andrew. Unless I swallowed the wrong pills for my sore throat this morning.

In other important news today, The Daily Telegraph reports that “a math formula proves that giraffes can swim.” Whereas most large animals are extremely good swimmers, it has often been said that giraffes are unable to swim or wade. The authors of the new study hoped to test this oft-quoted theory by using a digital giraffe rather than a real one. Brilliant! I think the headline should read: Scientists put cancer on hold to prove that giraffes can swim. Top work palaeontologists! Theoretical biology never seemed more exciting. It also seems Sony have put pacemaker development on hold to invent a tweeting device for cats to use twitter. The crazy thing is you think I am joking!

Anyway, I didn’t get the book I wanted for my birthday! I’m off to go sulk! And it’s not because Clay Aiken is singing on ‘The View’ in the background.


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