Uganda is against eatin’ da poo poo

Posted: 2010/06/04 in General News
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WTF! Award Winner.
Uganda doesn’t like homosexuality. In fact, they hate it so much they have religious groups trying to pass a law that will carry a death penalty for anyone caught enjoying some kiss and tickle with the same-sex. Uganda, this is so backwards and beyond primitive in thinking that I don’t even know where to begin. As Ray William Johnson said, “They should name a hurricane after this Pastor, Hurricane Asshole!” I thought homosexuality referred to same-sex relationships not people who enjoy eatin’ da poo poo.

I think Pastor McCrazy needs to come out the closet and admit he has spent way too many hours “researching” obscure gay porn and could be trying to mask his true love for hot man on man action. Another thing Pastor, do you realize you have also offended Steve Jobs? I’m pretty sure that is blatant misuse of an Apple Mac. You also said “licking the anus like ice cream”, like it was a bad thing.

I know what you’re thinking Sarah Palin. “When will Barack Obama act on this issue and blow up Uganda?” Shut your face Miss Baked Alaska. Repeat after me: “More silence. Less Facebook.”


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