James Corden and Sir Patrick Stewart’s awkward award show fight!

Posted: 2010/06/09 in Celebrity, Film
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James Corden (comedian, Gavin & Stacy sitcom star & writer) VS newly knighted Sir Patrick Stewart (legendary actor) became involved in a bizarre on-stage spat at the Glamour Awards in London. Sir Patrick criticised Corden – host of the event – for standing with his hands in his pockets and looking disinterested on stage, adding: “From where I was sitting, I could see your belly.” Corden responded: “You could see my belly. I can see you dying right now.” The pair continued to trade insults, and several prize-winners remarked on the quarrel as they accepted awards. After the show, Corden said: “I found it quite disappointing. You should ask him about it but I’m certain he’s left”.

A few things I learned watching this: 1) Sir Patrick Stewart sucks at comeback jokes 2) James Corden seems to be getting a bit big for his boots and should’ve shown more respect towards the legendary thespian 3) When I was much younger I thought a thespian was a lesbian who liked threesomes.

  1. emuleman says:

    Although I am a huge Star Trek fan, and thing Patrick Stewart is a great actor, this was not his finest hour. Why he would start to insult someone like that on stage is really uncalled for. I am quite embarrassed for him.

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