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Yes, I said, “Football World Cup” not “Soccer”. Next topic. There is something wrong with this video caption below and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

From a geography failure to another kind of failure, Maradona. The washed up, drugged up, weight gaining, non-stop sideline moaning, ‘hand of God’ cheat had a go at Pele in a press conference today. Maradona made stinging comments about fellow soccer greats Pele and Michel Platini after the pair criticized Maradona’s performance as Argentina coach. Maradona said he was not surprised by their comments and that “Pele has to go back to the museum.”

“We all know what the French are like,” he said after Platini claimed Maradona was better as a player than as a coach, “and Platini, as a Frenchman, thinks he knows it all.” The French do think they are better than everyone else so he does have a point there. Anyway, I could manage the current world class Argentinian squad of players and still do very well at the World Cup. “Kick the ball to Messi.” Game over.

Vuvuzela of God.

Hitler and the Vuvuzela. Too soon?


OK Go’s latest soon-to-be viral music video for ‘End Love’, the fourth single off the band’s latest outing, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Minus the Bear is an indie-rock group from Seattle, Washington that incorporates elements of ambience and sonic experimentation while maintaining indie influences. This is their latest single ‘My Time’ taken off their album Omni.

What’s with all the colourful outfits and dancing in indie video these days?

Lastly, infamous prostitute pummeler Vince Shlomi AKA Vince Offer AKA the ShamWow! Guy promotes Eminem’s upcoming studio album Recovery in his latest ‘infomercial.’

LINK: Vuvuzela FM Radio!

Meanwhile, in America the Lady Gaga love doll is released and she loves it when you poke her face.