Lady Gaga’s Rolling Stone Cover

Posted: 2010/06/21 in Celebrity, Music
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Lady Gaga’s cover for the new issue of Rolling Stone has got everyone talking. This is exactly what Lady Gaga wants. You can’t blame her for finding success by capitalizing on the sheep or “little monsters” as she refers to her fans. How long are we going to care about Lady Gaga trying to be shocking? Is she going to wear some crazy fucking outfit every day forever? The stuff she has been wearing lately just looks like rejected Halloween costumes. I apologize to all the “little monsters” because it is clear there is always a higher artistic message behind everything she does. Okay, how about this? You tell her to stick to making throwaway catchy pop songs and I’ll keep saying, “Oh, look it’s Madonna circa 1984” *yawn*
Click to enlarge original photo…

Meanwhile, in Japan television advertising continues as normal.

  1. babytyche08 says:

    Honestly I really don’t like Gaga and tired of her weird clothes.

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