After the refereeing debacle that took place over the weekend in the England vs Germany and Mexico vs Argentina matches, the world soccer governing body FIFA has said they’ll reevaluate goal-line video technology next month during a board meeting. For now, they’re telling fans to stop whining and get on with enjoying the World Cup. Let’s hope there are more controversial decisions because it seems like FIFA are waiting for refereeing problems to hit rock bottom before they introduce technology. What would have happened if Lampard’s goal had been in the final. Would that have been rock bottom on this issue? I thought Theirry Henry’s handball incident would have forced them to act BEFORE the tournament. The officials need help to keep up with the modern game. Goal-line technology is not the answer, it is a small improvement. The real problems are diving, offsides and incorrect penalty decisions which happen on a regular basis in all leagues around the world.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said refereeing changes won’t be made during this World Cup and that apologies were made to England and Mexico, which both sides accepted. But that doesn’t do much considering both nations are now out of the tournament. You don’t need me to tell you that when major mistakes are made on decisions it impacts games negatively and the overall outcome is changed, even if the better team still goes on to win in the end. England had their equalizer taken away from them right before half time and this forced them to chase the game in the 2nd half. Mexico had that ridiculous offside goal from Carlos Tevez scored on them which put them on the back foot up front and knocked their confidence. Tevez has since come out after the fact and said he knew he was offside in the moment and that he was “selfish” and “did it for the team”. That’s helpful Carlos, thanks for you thoughts.

German fans are claiming Lampard’s disallowed goal is justice for Wembley 66, which of course is nonsense because their is no conclusive evidence Geoff Hurst’s goal wasn’t over the line. Also, the two incidents are not related at all. It’s 2010 and the game has changed, mostly for the worse. Both sets of fans need to build a bridge and get over it! FIFA’s problems are bigger than their rivalry. Don’t hold your breath on FIFA making any positive changes to help officials and reduce refereeing error.

Meanwhile, in Germany, their fans don’t give a shit about goal-line technology.


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