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Spanish commentator and Real Madrid legend Camacho was so excited by David Villa’s goal in Spain’s 1-0 quarterfinal win over Paraguay that the overwhelming emotion made him convulse and appear to repeatedly hit himself in the face with his own microphone. That, my friends, is a man who cares. And I doubt he was the only Spaniard to react like that since Villa’s goal puts his country in the World Cup semifinals for the first time ever.

FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
6 July – Uruguay vs Holland
7 July – Germany vs Spain

To get you in the mood, here’s a picture of David Villa with his shirt off.


The WTF Don’t Stop Make It Pop Award!
Israeli soldiers film themselves performing a choreographed dance number to the tune of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” while patrolling the streets of the highly volatile West Bank city of Hebron. Surprisingly, some people have a problem with this.

According to the Associated Press, JERUSALEM — Some Israeli soldiers may have to face the music for a viral video of them dancing on duty.

A video of the soldiers stopping a patrol in the West Bank to dance to American electro-pop singer Kesha’s hit “Tick Tok” has been removed from YouTube. But Israeli TV stations picked it up and showed it repeatedly Monday. The YouTube user who posted it identified the dancers as Israeli infantrymen in the tense Palestinian city of Hebron.

The video shows six soldiers patrolling as a Muslim call to prayer is heard. Then the music changes, and they break into a Macarena-like dance. The military called the video a “stunt” and said the troops’ commanders have been informed. That could mean their next dance will be “Jailhouse Rock.”

In related news, Palestine is still occupied by Israeli troops and dancers.