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The WTF Oh No They Didn’t Award!
The caption for the YouTube video below is “You have to see how cheerleading has transformed over the years. From what I gathered, he choreographed the dance himself. If only, everyone was as passionate about what they do.” Yes, I would agree the dude has a lot of spirit and loves cock.

60year-old man gets freaky and dances like nobody is watching whilst everybody is watching. I’m not sure what bothers me most, the rippin’ or the tearin’.

The Candwich. This is how we all die. The end of the world is coming. Not with a bang but with a canned fucking sandwich.


The obligatory Hitler reaction video: Germany’s loss to Spain in the World Cup semifinals.



FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals:
Holland 3-2 Uruguay
Spain 1-0 Germany

Congratulations to both Holland and Spain who will fight it out to claim their first ever World Cup trophy. It will be a showdown of two teams that have had the reputation of crumbling under pressure. Spain will play in its first World Cup final. The Netherlands will play in its third. History will be made on sunday. A lot of beer will be drunk and Dutch or Spanish girls will be shagged in celebration whilst Dutch or Spanish men will nurse their defeat with alcohol or vice versa or…whatever…you get me. Vuvuzelas will be blown.
July 11 – Holland vs Spain.