Flower Crime

Posted: 2010/07/21 in General News
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Robber holds up bank with bunch of flowers.

Via: Telegraph.co.uk
The thief approached the cashier’s window in the United States with a large bouquet of flowers and handed over a hold-up note. Police told The New York Post they were examining a large bunch of blooms – yellow chrysanthemums, orange and red daisies, and gladiola buds, among others flowers – used by the man in the robbery last week.

A security camera photo published by the police showed the suspect standing at the cashier’s window holding the bouquet while handing over the note, which reportedly read: “Give me all your hundreds, fifties, don’t be a hero.”

The man fled the scene after the teller handed over $440 (£288). The New York Post reported that it was the second known bank heist by the suspect, who last week robbed a different New York bank armed with a potted houseplant.

A house plant! And it worked. This totally ruins my plans to rob a bank with a kitten.

“Don’t be a hero.”


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