Justin Bieber loves Hockey & Tim Hortons!

Posted: 2010/07/27 in Celebrity, Music
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Photos have surfaced of the Biebs posing in his hockey gear in Canada back in 2005 and 2006, way before he became arguably the hottest teen lady commodity since Junior Tampax. Look how carefree and innocent he was back then! His Bieber-Do was just merely a bud of the glorious hair plant it would eventually become.

The Bieber also refers to Tim Horton’s as “crack”. The boy is so Canadian. It does make one feel awfully proud. I must say, your Bieberness, maybe you are not the talentless teenage cornball gangsta wannabe playa I thought you were. Is it okay if I call you “My Biebs” from now on? You cute little Canadian kid of hair flicking goodness.


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