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A well-dressed Kanye West drops some hot freestyle joints on the fine folks at Facebook’s Palo Alto HQ. Why? I have no idea. Turn that shit up!
“I swear life’s a bitch on her period.” True dat.

And speaking of little gangstas, 4-year-old Geoffrey Jr. is pissed that the girls wasted his time with all the “gentle animal” exhibits and he didn’t get to see any of the cool animals (e.g. lions, and pumas, and bears) and now it’s time to leave. Who hasn’t felt like this at the Zoo?


Ramon Film Productions presents: Who Killed Captain Alex — Uganda’s first action film. This looks like the type of film we need to come out on BluRay before we can fully appreciate it. I’m not sure I can wait that long. I wonder if Michael Bay or JJ Abrams are involved in this project?

Film eno ekwata ku kibanda amajje gwe gaagoba mu kibuga ne gamulumba ne mu kyalo jjeyali ye kukumye.yatabuka bwebawamba muganda we natuka no kulumba basi ya majje eyali egumbye emabega wa police station. A wo we wafiira ne Captain Alex.atamanyibwa ani yamutta.kya mu waliriza okuba ne helicopter ya police n’akuba ekibuga.

The WTF Please Kill Me Before Captain Alex Film Award