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A mash up collection of dance clips from almost 40 movies, because let’s be honest sometimes you just need to kick off your sunday shoes and cut footloose…


Yoko Ono performs her conceptual poem ““Voice Piece for Soprano” at MoMa. Either she has really long orgasms in public or has lost her fucking mind.

© 2010 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

To showcase the versatility of HTML5 (and their browser in the process), Google enlisted the services of Arcade Fire and director Chris Milk to produce “The Wilderness Downtown” — an interactive music video for “We Used To Wait,” which uses Google Maps and Google Street View to incorporate scenes from the viewer’s “old stomping ground.”

You technically need to be running Google Chrome to view the “experiment,” but try it on Firefox or Safari if you are a hipster. Experiences may vary.

CLICK HERE to experience The Wilderness Downtown by Arcade Fire

If it doesn’t work or you are technologically challenged and/or grew up in some strange part of the world and/or enjoying saying things like “and/or” please enjoy the live music performance below…

MILAN (Reuters) – At least 18 mushroom-lovers have been killed in accidents while hunting for their favorite fungi in the mountains and forests of northern Italy. Mountain rescuers say eager mushroom seekers are abandoning safety procedures as they don camouflage and hunt in darkness to protect coveted troves, la Repubblica newspaper reported on Sunday.

“There is too much carelessness. Too many people don’t give a darn about the right rules and unfortunately this is the result,” Gino Comelli, head of the Alpine rescue service in northwest Italy’s Valle di Fassa, told the newspaper. Seventeen people have died in nine days — six in 48 hours alone — mostly from sliding off steep, damp slopes in the northern mountains, la Repubblica said in a story headlined “the massacre of the mushroom hunters.”

A combination of August thunderstorms and hot weather has led to a bumper mushroom crop that has drawn the first hunters of what is expected to be a boom season.

This is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but a Snuggie infomercial set to the tune of Los del Río’s “Macarena.”

Official description: “The newest Snuggie® commercial offers a tribute to the cult classic “Macarena” song, with Snuggie®-clad models dancing to the “Snugarena” in their favorite blanket with sleeves. This commercial is the first within the campaign. Stay tuned this fall for a series of “Snugarena” commercials which will feature different lyrics, designs and scenes.

…no…words…there are no…words.

The WTF Harden The Fuck Up Award of the Week

Members of the Port Washington Community Synagogue perform a Jewish High Holidays-themed rendition of “Telephone.”

That’s a kick-tuches cover!

Let’s see if Hipster Hitler has anything to add to this…

Miss Phillipines (Maria Venus Raj) may not have won the recent Miss Universe Pageant, but she definitely gained a lot of popularity despite her blunder during the Q&A section. She more than deserved to win over Miss Mexico, if only for the fact her fans have the best freak outs. This freakout happened right as her place in the top 15 was announced. Imagine if she had won.

I know what you’re thinking. Why does this video even exist? Do Filipinos regularly record themselves watching TV? In a word: Yes.

We now join the Indian Pole Gymnastics Tournament, already in progress.

Hmmm…I haven’t seen a man work a hard pole like this since my last holiday in the Phillipines. Anyway, it’s no wonder Filipino’s are so patriotic. Look at their local politicians…

I appreciate your honesty, Sir.