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A Rastafarian milking a rainbow-eating giraffe for Skittles. And you thought Skittles Ads were way out there before. Fuck me. It’s so intense, mon…

Isn’t the “Drain the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow” slogan already in use in the gay community?


The Starchild skull is an abnormal human skull allegedly found in Mexico. It is primarily notable due to claims by paranormal researchers that it is evidence of extraterrestrial contact. The video below is a fascinating lecture presenting preliminary new DNA results from the 900 year old Starchild Skull, providing conclusive information that a percentage of the DNA in the bone may not be from Earth.

Yep, Aliens. Now what?

Finally, it’s that time of the year again! The echoes of the vuvuzelas have finally extinguished, footballing pundits are dishing out their verdicts by the dozen, Manchester City are planning on selling a couple more camels and oil wells to finance another spoilt brat and his mom, Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba are being bought into every other fantasy league team, and Arsenal fans are rattling on about it being their year.

The monopoly of the Big Four was finally squashed last season with Tottenham Hotspur giving their North London neighbours much to ponder over other than which youngster Arsene Wenger willl have the hots for this year and insist will actually come good this season (excuse the pun). Just in case its the same old year of missed opportunities he has brought in more French players. Marouane the French Moroccan and some Koscielny chap who has been given the ardent task of making Almunia and Fabianski look good! Tottenham on the other hand have the added incentive of Champions League football this season and will surely be pretty fired up to do well. However, they haven’t added much to their squad so who knows?

Liverpool have a lot to prove this year after the disaster of last season. I wonder if the board are upset that Martin O’Neill only handed in his resignation now from Villa because he is surely more equipped to handle their future than Roy Hodgson.

Champions Chelsea have some of their own problems with Petr Cech set to miss out the opening month. His replacement, well, calling him Hilario(us) would be a bit much, but his showings at the Community Shield would certainly have given Carlo Ancelotti something to think about. Defense is another worry for the defending champions, with Real Madrid completing the signing of Ricardo Carvalho, who has been one of the stalwarts of Chelsea’s prized defense, which let in just 32 goals last season, second only to Manchester United. They’ve lost some key experienced players in Joe Cole and Michael Ballack and it’s going to be tough to repeat last season’s success.

Moving northwards, much of the pre-season activity seems to have been done by..surprise, surprise! The Arabs have already spent in 10 figures for the likes of David Silva, Jerome Boateng and Aleksandar Kolarov, along with making Yaya Toure the highest-paid player in the league in a staggering five-year deal worth £55 million. The sad thing is these days money does buy success in football and I see City having a good year. If they don’t win anything the successful half of Manchester will be grinning from ear to ear.

Sir Alex seems to have pulled off a bargain with the signing of Mexico’s World Cup star Javier Hernandez, Fulham’s Chris Smalling and a Portuguese Bebe who looks like one of those predators in that new Adrien Brody flick. Manchester United are always up there. Either on top or a close second and I expect the same challenge this year. Add to that a resurgent Nani, the Energizer bunnies Giggs and Scholes, and one of most impregnable defenses headed by Vidic, I’d say, throw in another camel or two, City! Fergie is right when he says he thinks this year will be a dog fight between the top six and I say bring it on!

English Football is back for another 9 months. Smile.