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Canadian Champion yo-yo slinger Jensen Kimmitt loops circles around the competition at the 2010 World YoYo Contest. And you thought you could pull off a few cool tricks when you were a kid. Step aside fool.


This spring, over the course of two days and two different cities (New York and Las Vegas), Sports Illustrated spent approximately eight hours hanging out with Mike Tyson.

SI: I imagine you have a few stories from your days as a junkie.

Mike Tyson: Listen: I was in St. Tropez, in the South of France. In Ibiza, Spain. I was in Monte Carlo. I was in the Ukraine, Russia, all those places, for three months. From Russia I went to Lisbon, Portgual, from Portugal I went to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I met this drug dealer, right? And he sees that I like getting high, and he wants to be my buddy, right? This guy goes and gets me a big rock of cocaine. So pretty soon I got a party going on. I got everything: I got these rugby players. I got these naked girls, I got all these … everything’s going on in the room. Plus I also had this girl with me that I picked up in Romania. But then [the dealer he met in Amsterdam] saw how much of a mess I was. He came in and kicked everybody out of my room! All the nude people, all the people having sex. He said, “I feel so bad I ever gave him that stuff.”

SI: You’re a big fan of ancient history, I’ve heard.

Tyson: I like classical biographies. Hannibal was an awesome person. Clovis was pretty awesome, the Franks and stuff. The Khans: Genghis and his grandsons. Listen, this is pretty interesting, with this Clovis guy. Clovis was king at 15. He gets to be king at 15 with some of his father’s ragtag army. Still, he would conquer people and take all their lands. He was still an evil guy. His bloodline became kings of different countries.

Has Oprah Winfrey thought of handing her show over to Mike Tyson? Just asking.

Smile…it’s Monday.

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It is hard waking up on a Monday. Either that or this Corgi puppy is passed out drunk. You decide.