The World’s Best Countries

Posted: 2010/08/18 in General News
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A Newsweek study of health, education, economy, and politics ranks the globe’s true national champions. The phrase “world’s best” belongs on a mug next to the word “dad”, but as reductionist as it sounds, the rather wonderfully made infographic over at Newsweek is a fascinating insight in to the rankings of various countries.

The detailed comparison such as ’quality of life ranking’ includes: income inequality, gender gap, % living on less than $2 a day, Consumption per capita, homicide rate, political stability, environmental health and unemployment – all of which can be compared to any other country based on its population size, income group or region.

Kazakhstan makes a surprising appearance at 14th for education with a 99.5% literacy rate and 15 years of average schooling. South Africa ranks 82nd overall behind nations like Vietnam, Botswana and Iran. I am more shocked that Australia is 4th and happy China is 59th. Just saying.

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