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NY TIMES: “We try hard to shed our old image as stodgy and out of it. Perhaps too hard, sometimes. How else to explain our constant invocation of the old/new slang “hipster”? The word is not new, of course. The O.E.D. dates it to the 1940s and helpfully equates it with “hepcat.” American Heritage offers this quaint definition: One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes, especially a devotee of modern jazz.

That’s all well and good New York Times, except I have found the best modern definition of the word “Hipster” and it comes in the form of a simple picture…


An angry bull took the fight to the stands at a bullring in the Spanish town of Tafalla, injuring approximately 30 people.

From AFP: “Wednesday’s incident came amid intense debate in Spain over the centuries-old tradition of bullfighting in Spain. The northeastern region of Catalonia last month became the first part of mainland Spain to ban the practice. And in a recent opinion poll, 60 percent of Spaniards said they do not like the spectacle, which ends with the death of the bull from a well-placed sword.”

If you were being chased, intensely, in a ring or through a city by Spaniards with deadly spears, only to die from being stabbed to death, or bleeding out in front of a cheering crowd, what would you do? I watch videos like this and feel sorry for the bull and for me, because being chased by horny Spanish men with “deadly spears” was a nightmare I once had…or was it? Inception.

Torturing animals for enjoyment or as the Spanish call it “cultural ritual of sacrifice” makes as much sense as Sarah Palin. I have no idea what that means either, but the dude who grabs a hold of the bull’s tail at 20secs has a huge set of balls much like the bull he is trying to save those greasy people from.

Speaking of creatures great and small, I have a question: Why are Seals always trying to steal the limelight?