Free babysitter needs to be punished

Posted: 2010/08/24 in General News
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SOUTHLAKE, Texas — A Texas teenager who broke curfew is headed for a reluctant adventure in baby-sitting.

Robert Rausch placed an advertisement offering his daughter’s free baby-sitting services in the community newspaper in Southlake, a wealthy suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth that is home to business leaders and professional athletes. The advertisement includes a photo of Rausch’s 16-year-old-daughter, Kirstin, and says, “Want a FREE BABYSITTER for a night out?” It explains that she is in trouble for missing her curfew and offers 30 hours of free baby-sitting.

Rausch said he wanted to discipline his daughter and help others at the same time. And it appears his daughter has already learned a lesson. Kirstin said she won’t violate curfew again or throw more late-night parties.

Wait, so they are saying she is a naughty babysitter and she needs to be punished. How could this possibly end badly? As David the AdFreak pointedly remarks, “if I were looking for a babysitter, disobedience wouldn’t be much of a selling point.” Although, for the wealthy pro athletes who live in the area I think the words ‘baby-sitter’ ’16’ and ‘disobedient’ are um….selling points.


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