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Brazil’s Elisany Silva is 14 years old and 6’9”. She’s so tall, she hits her head into the ceiling of the small house in which she lives, and she had to stop going to school because she couldn’t fit on the bus. The family seems unclear on exactly why Silva is so tall. “I want [her] to stop growing up, to be [like] the other girls,” her mother says, “because I know she feels weird and sometimes wants to be like them.” Despite the challenges, Silva wants to become a model, and she’ll be making her catwalk debut in an upcoming bridal show in Belem, Brazil.

That was the craziest thing I saw today until I watched a music video with babies who have mustaches. Oh, internet – you so crazy.


STEP 1 – Watch the Ad for Cami Secret and acknowledge that the titkerchief is the worst idea for a product ever.

STEP 2 – Listen to comedian Nick Stevens tell us what men really think of the Cami Secret.

Boobs are the greatest thing ever. Right now this guy has an office boner. For some reason women keep trying to cover their lady prizes up. Sometimes they ever wear undershirts which is a real fucking buzzkill, etc...”

Thanks for watching, and have a super weekend!