Careful what you ask Reddit

Posted: 2010/08/29 in Quotes
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Q: Do women intentionally press there boobs up against men? (self.AskReddit)
“I’ve been in many situations where a girl has been checking out an app on my iphone or what ever random scenario and they will push there boobs against some part of my body. Do they know that they are doing this and don’t care, do this as a flirty thing, or are completely oblivious?”
EsmeWeatherwax: “Its possible we’re flirting, but the breast area does not have a lot of pressure sense. That’s why we’re always looking down at them too. You never know what they’re doing down there. Have they escaped my shirt? Is there a sandwich stuck down there. Am I pressing up against something?”
Punkndrublic: “Tell me more about this sandwich.”
EsmeWeatherwax: “Actually, it turns out it is hotdog.”
DJBJ: “Go on.”
Nordoisthebest: “The real question: is there relish?”
pitchpatch: “The real answer: there is now.”
havesometea1: “I’m thinking more along the lines of mayo.”
Gericaux: “Women make sandwiches and lose them in the crevices of their cleavage. I learnt it on Reddit.”


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