Miss Phillipines (Maria Venus Raj) may not have won the recent Miss Universe Pageant, but she definitely gained a lot of popularity despite her blunder during the Q&A section. She more than deserved to win over Miss Mexico, if only for the fact her fans have the best freak outs. This freakout happened right as her place in the top 15 was announced. Imagine if she had won.

I know what you’re thinking. Why does this video even exist? Do Filipinos regularly record themselves watching TV? In a word: Yes.

We now join the Indian Pole Gymnastics Tournament, already in progress.

Hmmm…I haven’t seen a man work a hard pole like this since my last holiday in the Phillipines. Anyway, it’s no wonder Filipino’s are so patriotic. Look at their local politicians…

I appreciate your honesty, Sir.


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