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On Wednesday, two armed men entered a Shell gas station on Bannister Rd in Kansas City and demanded money, when suddenly… you know what? Why don’t I just let this lovely old lady fill you in…

And I’m thinking maybe I should faint…but I don’t.

Of course there is a remix already.


Breaking a car window is not easy when you are a panzy. I mean the poor guy only had a hammer to help him.

Hockey Fight.

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Quite possible the cutest hockey fight ever recorded.

Ok fine, here’s some real hockey fights to get you all worked up for the new season.

“A businessman has opened his own cake-making business called the Butch Bakery, specialising in manly cupcakes. David Arrick, who lost his job as a Wall Street lawyer in 2008, came up with the idea after conducting some market research.

Arrick told Sky News: “That’s how Butch Bakery was born, I thought they are all very feminine and pink and a lot of them are frilly with jelly beans and sprinkles, and I thought I wanted to do something very different, and I decided to do something with a masculine bent to it and that’s how I came up with the idea. I think that we eat with our eyes first before our stomachs and I think that it’s got to be visually appealing, and I wanted something that was going to have an impact from the beginning, right when you see it. The response has been overwhelming, all around the world, media response from all around the world, I get orders from all around the world from as far away as Australia as a matter of fact.”

Flavours of cupcakes available include beer, salted caramel and whisky.

Arrick added: “We’ve got a great banana, peanut butter with crushed bacon, so if you think about it, it’s kind of like the Elvis sandwich, you know, peanut butter, bacon, and banana, we’ve got a cupcake that has that.””